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1965 Moody Blues
Mike Pinder, Denny Laine, Graeme Edge, Ray Thomas, Clint Warwick





This list is not complete. If you have any information (conflicting or additional), please let me know! My email address is at the bottom of this page.

1Walsall, UKCasino Club 
2Birmingham, UKWhiskey-a-Go-Go 
3Bromley, UKBromel Club 

There is some evidence that David Bowie (who was known as Davy Jones in 1965) played at the Bromel Club with The Moody Blues once, but no date was given for his performance.

4London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith The Mark Leeman Five
5Guildford, UKRicky Tick 
6Balham, UKAranmore 
7BBC2 TV"Beat Room"Broadcast date
8London, UKLewisham OdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
9London, UKAstoriaWith Chuck Berry tour
10Manchester, UKOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour (cancelled)
10Birmingham, UKBirmingham Studia 
11Sheffield, UKGaumontWith Chuck Berry tour
11BBC2, UK"Beat Room" Broadcast date
12Hanley, UKGaumontWith Chuck Berry tour
13Leicester, UKOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
14Cardiff, UKCapitolWith Chuck Berry tour
14BBC 1"Top of the Pops"Music Video Debut!

The Moody Blues made their first recorded music video - a promo for their song "Go Now". This promo debuted on "Top of the Pops" on this date.

15Bristol, UKColston HallWith Chuck Berry tour
16ITV1"Thank Your Lucky Stars" Broadcast date
16Southampton, UKGaumontWith Chuck Berry tour
17Birmingham, UKHippodromeWith Chuck Berry tour
18Hull, UKABC TheatreWith Chuck Berry tour
19Newcastle, UKOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
20Edinburgh, ScotlandUsher HallWith Chuck Berry tour
21BBC Glasgow"A Quick Look Around"Live
21BBC TV"Top of the Pops" Broadcast date
21Glasgow, ScotlandOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
22Carlisle, ScotlandABC TheatreWith Chuck Berry tour
23Stockton, UKOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
24Liverpool, UKEmpireWith Chuck Berry tour
25Chester, UKABC TheatreWith Chuck Berry tour
26Leeds UKOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
27Lincoln, UKABC TheatreWith Chuck Berry tour
28Wolverhampton, UKGaumontWith Chuck Berry tour
29Croyden, UKFairfield HallWith Chuck Berry tour
30Southend, UKOdeonWith Chuck Berry tour
31Edmonton, UKRegalWith Chuck Berry tour
2BBC"Pop Inn" 
3Shepperton StudiosFilming for "Hullabaloo"Performers include: Searchers, Billy J. Kramer, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, Georgie Fame, Joe Brown, and the Moody Blues
4Shepperton StudiosFilming for "Hullabaloo"
5Wolverhampton, UKCivic Hall 
8London, UKThe Marquee ClubSolo act
10Dunfermline, ScotlandKinema BallroomThe Red Hawks
11Montrose, ScotlandLocarno Ballroom 

Mike Pinder (The Moody Blues) is attacked onstage at the Locarno Ballroom in Montrose, Scotland by a fan described as a "female amazon". The assailant escapes with a piece of the pianist's scalp having ripped a clump of hair from his head. Though an entertaining story, the date is not right, casting doubt on the whole entry.

11Elgin, ScotlandRed Shoes 
12Kircaldy, ScotlandRaith 
13Ayr, ScotlandComunity Centre 
14Dundee, ScotlandPalais 
17ABC TV (US)"Shindig""Go Now"
19Walsall, UKCasino Club 
20Guildford, UKCivic Hall 
21London, UKPigalle Restaurant, Picadilly 
22London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith the Mark Leeman Five
24Farnborough, UKTown Hall 
25Swindon, UKMcIlroys 
26Release of single: "I Don't Want to Go On Without You / Time Is On My Side"
MARCH 1965
1Warrington, UKParr Hall 
2Altringham, UKStafford Hall 
2Manchester, UK"Scene at 6.30" Granada TV
3Barrow in Furness, UKClub 99 
4Reading, UKOlympia BallroomWith the Stormsville Shakers
5Charing Cross, UK"Joe Loss Pop Show"The Playhouse
5Rediffusion ITV"Ready Steady Go!"Broadcast date
6Leeds, UKLeeds University 
7Birmingham, UK"Thank Your Lucky Stars"Taping date
8West Bromwich, UKAdelphi Ballroom 
9Olympia"Pop Inn" 
10BBC TV"Crackerjack"Children's show
13Oxford, UKCollege of Technology 
13ITV1"Thank Your Lucky Stars"Broadcast Date
15Bath, UKPavilion 
16Paris, FranceOlympia 
19Durham, UKDurham University 
21London, UKGolders Green Hippodrome2 shows. With The Sorrows, The Art Woods, and Twinkle and the Gonks and many others
22London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith The Mark Leeman Five
23ABC TV (US)"Hullabaloo"Broadcast date
25London, UKHilton Hotel, Park Lane 
26Rediffusion ITV"Ready Steady Go!" 
27Birmingham, UKBrum KavernAlso performed Plaza Ballroom
28West Bromwich, UK Plaza BallroomAlso performed Ritz Ballroom
29Nottingham, UKDungeon Club 
APRIL 1965
1Newcastle, UKMayfair Ballroom 
2Morecambe, UKFloral Hall 
3Birmingham, UKCasino Club 
4Bexley, UKBlack Prince 
7Aldershot, UKNew Central Ballroom 
7TWW"Discs A Gogo" 
10Southsea, UKRendezvous 
11Wembley, UKEmpire PoolNew Musical Express (NME Magazine) Poll Winners
12London, UK"Saturday Club"Taping date
17London, UK"Saturday Club"Broadcast date
17Peterborough, UKPalais 
19London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith The Mark Leeman Five
23Rediffusion ITV"Ready Steady Go!"Broadcast date
MAY 1965
1Chelmsford, UKCorn Exchange 
2Wolverhampton, UKCivic Hall 
3Aeolian, UK"Top Gear"Broadcast date
6Aldershot, UKNew Central Ballroom 
7Windsor, UKRicky Tick Club 
8Cleethorpe, UKPier 
9Scunthorpe, UKDrill Hall, Beachcomber Club 
10London, UKThe Marquee ClubSolo
12ABC TV (US)"Shindig"Broadcast date
13Stockport, UKManor Lounge Club 
14Bolton, UKBeachcomber Club 
14Leeds, UKBeachcomber Club 
15Birmingham, UKSilverbeat Club, Exchange Place 
16West Bromwich, UKAdelphi Ballroom 
17Warrington, UKParr Hall 
18Altrincham, Manchester, UKStafford Hall 
19Southsea, UKBirdcage Club 
20Oldham, UKAstoria Ballroom 
21Stoke Trentham, UKTrentham Gardens 
22Bishop Stortford, UKRhodes Centre 
24Brighton/ITVBritish Song Festival 
27Barcelona, SpainEl Palacio de los Deportes 
28Rediffusion ITV"Ready Steady Goes Live!"Broadcast date
28Release of single: "From the Bottom of My Heart / And My Baby's Gone"
29Grantham, UKDrill Hall 
29BBC-Light"Top Gear"Broadcast date
JUNE 1965
1London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith The Muleskinners
5London, UK"Saturday Club"Broadcast date
5BBC-Light"Thank Your Lucky Stars"Hosted by Brian Matthews, with Manfred Mann, Donovan, Julie Rogers, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, The Hollies, Vashti
6Berlin, GermanyWaldbuehneCasey Jones and The Governors, The Liverbirds, The Searchers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Lords
6Radio Luxembourgh"Ready Steady Radio"Hosted by Brian Matthews, with Manfred Mann, Donovan, Julie Rogers, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, The Hollies, Vashti
7Scarborough, UKUnknown 
19New York, NYAcademy of MusicWith the Kinks
21Chicago, ILCrown Theatre, McCormick PlaceWith the Kinks

The Moody Blues were scheduled to come to the US with the Kinks for a tour in June, 1965, but they were unable to enter America: "...they [the Moodies] are unable to perform due as they still lack the proper working papers..." (Doug Hinman, The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night, p. 58). Promotional posters for New York and Chicago still exist, although the Moodies were not able to play.

19Southsea, UKBirdcage Club at Kimbell's BallroomName of supporting group not listed
24BBC TV"Top of the Pops"Broadcast date
27Great Yarmouth, UKABC TheaterWith The Mark Four, Don Spencer, Jon Mark, Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers, The Riot Squad, and Marianne Faithfull

This programme is from a sparsely populated, rural area on the eastern side of the British Isle...Great Yarmouth

28French TV"Tete De Bois A Cannes"Broadcast Date
JULY 1965
17Basingstoke, UKGalaxy ClubThe Nomads
23Release of Moody Blues' first ALBUM: "The Magnificent Moodies"
23Rediffusion ITV"Ready Steady Go!" 
23London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith The Crowd
24Southsea, UKBirdcage Club at the Savoy 
1London, UKPalladiumRolling Stones, Walker Brothers, and Steam Packet (with lead singer Rod Stewart)
2BBC Manchester"Beat Show"Taping date
4Bristol, UKDiscs a Go-Go 
5London, UKThe 100 Club 
6Richmond, UKRichmond Athletic Association5th National Jazz Festival - The Yardbirds, The Who, The Mike Cotton Sound, Steam Packet, The Spencer Davis Group, Manfred Mann, The Animals and others
7Dunstable, UKCalifornia BallroomWith The Downlanders & Soundtracks, The Fab Beats
9Gorleston, UKFloral Hall 
6Cheltenham, UKTown Hall 
11Weston Super Mare, UKWinter Gardens Pavilion 
12Barnstaple, UKThe Queen's Hall 
14Bridlington, UKThe Spa Theatre 
15Carlisle, UKUnknown 
16Newcastle on Tyne, UKMajestic Ballroom 
20Morecambe, UKFloral Hall 
22Kirklevington, UKUnknown 
23Doncaster, UKTop Rank 
24Cleveleys, UKUnknown 
25Hanley, UKUnknown 
28Lowestoft, UKRoyal Hotel 
29Hassocks, UKThe Downs 
30Southsea, UKSavoy Ballroom 
31London, UKThe Marquee ClubWith The Mark Leeman Five

Brian Epstein announces that he has signed The Moody Blues. He also manages The Beatles.

15Dunfermline, ScotlandKinema BallroomThe Red Hawks
21BBC Studios"This Must Be The Place"Taping date
21BBC Studios"Saturday Club"Taping date
21London, UKRoyal Festival Hall"Brian Epstein's Evening of Popular Music"
24Wembley, UKTown Hall 
25BBC"Saturday Club"Broadcast date
25Portsmouth, UKBirdcage Club at EastneySt Louis Checks
28London, UKThe Marquee ClubSolo
30Hanley, UKGaumont (2 shows)With Rolling Stones, Spencer Davis Group
1Chester, UKABC Theatre (2 shows)With Rolling Stones, Spencer Davis Group
2Wigan, UKABC Theatre (2 shows)With Rolling Stones, Spencer Davis Group
11BBC"This Must Be The Place"
22Release of single: "Everyday / You Don't (All the Time)"
22Granada"Scene at 6:30" 
23Bangor, UKBangor UniversityBroadcast date
24Handsworth, UKThe Plaza Dance & Social ClubWith Alan Bown Set
26London, UKThe Marquee ClubSolo
26BBC-Light"Pop Inn" 
29Dunstable, UKCalifornia BallroomSolo
30ITV"Thank Your Lucky Stars"Broadcast date
31London, UKPigalle 
1TWW"Discs A Gogo"Broadcast date
6Rediffusion ITV"Ready Steady Go!"Broadcast date
12Grimsby, UKGrimsby Gaiety 
13BBC-Light"Saturday Club"Broadcast date
14Shepherd's BushGoldhawk 
21Bristol, UKColston HallCompere: Simon Oates. With The Walker Bros, The Fourmost, Beryl Marsden and the Crewcats, Johnny B Great and the Quotations, The Pentagons
 Release of single (UK): "Bye Bye Bird / Stop"
1Farmingborough, UKTown Hall 

The Beatles begin their last British tour in Glasgow, Scotland, supported by the Moody Blues and the Koobas & Beryl Mardsen.

3Glasgow, UKOdeonWith the Beatles
4ABC TV (US)"Shindig Goes To London" Part 1Broadcast of Aug 6 Jazz & Blues Festival with The Animals, Georgie Fame, Steampacket, Steve Winwood and others
4Newcastle on Tyne, UKCity HallWith the Beatles
5Liverpool, UKEmpire TheatreWith the Beatles
7Manchester, UKABC Theatre, ArdwickWith the Beatles
8Sheffield, UKGaumontWith the Beatles
9Birmingham, UKOdeonWith the Beatles
9ABC-TV (US)"Shindig Goes to London" Part 2Broadcast Date
10Hammersmith, UKOdeonWith the Beatles
11London, UKAstoria, Finsbury ParkWith the Beatles
12Cardiff, UKCapitolWith the Beatles
15Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UKThe Locarno 
They appeared on Ed Sullivan Show, The Murray the K Christmas Show and NBC's "Hullabaloo" on Jan 10, 1966 before returning to England.
19CBS-TV"Ed Sullivan Show"Live Broadcast date 

This was an exceedingly hard gig to confirm. The TV Guide for this date did not show them appearing, the show listings on-line failed to mention them. I found an NEMS publicity memo that indicated they were going to the US, but no proof that they actually performed. I FINALLY found proof in Billboard Magazine that they had performed on the Ed Sullivan Show on this date.

23ABC-TV"Shindig"Broadcast date With The Dave Clarke Five, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Lulu, The Yardbirds and others
23BBC-1 Studios"Vision On"Broadcast date
25BBC-1 Studios"Top of the Pops"Broadcast date

The "Murray the K Christmas Show" was a showcase for many talents, and consisted of a gruelling nine days, FOUR shows per day.
25Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show with Peter & Gordon, Wilson Pickett, The Fortunes, The McCoys, The Toys, Lenny Welch, Cannibal and the Headhunters, The Vibrations, The Spinners, The O'Jays
26Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show
27Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show
28Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show
29Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show
30Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show
30Southern TV"Three Go Round"Broadcast date
31Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Fox TheatreMurray The K's Christmas Show



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